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Different Ways of Opening a Can

It’s not a right way, just different., By opening a can this way it removes the entire top exposing the sharp edges of the can that can cut, the original way leaves the smooth rim on top of the can instead of exposing the raw edges. If you open canned dog or cat food, or […]

Colorful Fireworks! Daytime Sparkles

Its like flak cannons. Just way less shrapnel. Some Japanese warships during WW2 were so bold that they used colored flak and compete against other ships within their fleet by seeing which ship got more kills. The color of the flak, of course, would signify which ship got the kill resulting in how many ever […]

Providing A Sparkle Of Clothes

We have something called “family resource center” at our local middle and high school (not so sure for all the elementary schools in the area) and they come equipped with a nurse/physician for kids who become ill during the day or do not have a doctor to regularly visit, along with a staff member who […]