California Gas Tax Repeal

For those who want to repeal the gas tax, I hear ya all. Be careful what you wish for.

1) The electorate doesnt like raising taxes on itself. This bill requires ALL future gas tax increases to be voted on by the electorate. Good luck in the gas tax ever being increased to keep up with demand. Over a 100M cars on our roads causes a lot of wear and tear. Next, what do you plan on doing when projects already underway or greenlighted from Caltrans are cancelled or left unfinished?

A lot of these projects are partially funded by the new gas tax. Caltrans will not complete a project less than 51% complete unless leaving it unfinished is a safety issue. Local govts get grants from the state for their transportation projects. These grants are funded by the gas tax. Counties and cities have approved projects based on those funds coming from the state? Will you be happy to have your local govt raise taxes to offset those lost funds? Will you be happy with your local govt leaving projects unfinished or cancelled? Think it through carefully as the ramifications are bigger than you may have realized.

Vehicle Registration fees are cheap compared to Michigan. Once you buy a car, the reg fees stay the same no matter how old the car gets..And last year they raised those reg fees on top of it and raised gas taxes..On top of it, car insurance is steep compared to Cali. For every car one pays a yearly premium of an extra $196.00 for catastrophic accidents.

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