Choosing Top Cookware Set

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Not known Facts About Cookware Whether you’re exploring with new recipes or making an easy dish, you need a strong set of kitchenware. With a refined look, stainless-steel is taken into consideration top-of-the-line in terms of pots and pans for wonderful reason. Stainless steel is immune to tarnishing and rust. It’s also perfect for essentially […]

Different Ways of Opening a Can

It’s not a right way, just different., By opening a can this way it removes the entire top exposing the sharp edges of the can that can cut, the original way leaves the smooth rim on top of the can instead of exposing the raw edges. If you open canned dog or cat food, or […]

Colorful Fireworks! Daytime Sparkles

Its like flak cannons. Just way less shrapnel. Some Japanese warships during WW2 were so bold that they used colored flak and compete against other ships within their fleet by seeing which ship got more kills. The color of the flak, of course, would signify which ship got the kill resulting in how many ever […]

California Gas Tax Repeal

For those who want to repeal the gas tax, I hear ya all. Be careful what you wish for. 1) The electorate doesnt like raising taxes on itself. This bill requires ALL future gas tax increases to be voted on by the electorate. Good luck in the gas tax¬†ever being increased to keep up with […]