Colorful Fireworks! Daytime Sparkles

Its like flak cannons. Just way less shrapnel.

Some Japanese warships during WW2 were so bold that they used colored flak and compete against other ships within their fleet by seeing which ship got more kills.

The color of the flak, of course, would signify which ship got the kill resulting in how many ever points.

Not sure if it was always used for competition, could have been used to give ships their deserved kill tally.

Initially pertaining to this country fireworks were usually done in the daytime !
However when the Brooklyn bridge was open they were specifically scheduled at night and as it turns out people enjoyed them so much more at night ! I thought that would’ve probably have caught on during the siege of fort Henry? (star-Spangled Banner/War of 1812)Which took place at night ! Now it’s obvious they’re concentrating more on the collar as opposed to flash! End it looks nice I hope it catches on!

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