Different Ways of Opening a Can

It’s not a right way, just different., By opening a can this way it removes the entire top exposing the sharp edges of the can that can cut, the original way leaves the smooth rim on top of the can instead of exposing the raw edges.

If you open canned dog or cat food, or anything else and want to save some by opening it this way ruins the can for putting a plastic lid on the top. This way is not as practical as the original way of opening the can, just different, I’ll stick to the original, and I have plastic lids for all sizes of canned pet food.

Question I have is how easy is it to cut yourself on the top ridge of the can? Seems the other way put the lid in the mix and you remove it right away. This way you have to handle the can and edge itself.

And that would mean the ones with magnets were purposefully designed with the magnet placement incorrect. Not to mention companies have been advertising their product being used wrong. All electric can openers are also designed to be used incorrectly. Commercial can openers are also designed to be used incorrectly but having the best electric can opener changes things.

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