How to Warm A Room

So…when we brought out the house we loved every single room. Every room apart from the bathroom, that is. Our bathroom is downstairs, with a horrid eggshell paint on the walls which the water just clings to and no central heating. That last thing is the biggest thing that I hate about the room. It gets cold…not just a little cold but seriously cold. I remember before having bubba, coming downstairs one night to use the loo and actually being able to see my breath!! That was how cold our bathroom was.

Once I had Bubba, I put my foot down and said that as it was winter, I needed something in that room to warm it up properly. Now, we have got an electrical heater that was left here by the person we bought the house from and that was great but it literally had an on/off button (that we could figure out how to use) so it meant we needed to pre-plan loo trips so that we could stick the heating on for 10 mins before going in. It heated up so quickly in there that you couldn’t leave it on all the time as it became a sauna. Don’t put it on and you’re peeing in what feels like the Arctic! We just couldn’t win.

To rectify our situation we managed to get a timer for the rad which we could then programme to come on at different times. It’s not great as when you come down in the middle of the night it is still freezing (and I am not sure how that is going to work when bubs are potty trained but we will deal with that when we come to it) but it is fine for bathtimes and mornings. The whole point of this post is that recently I was introduced to a company called Best Electric Radiators who’s website is all about…you guessed it…electric rads! They have such a huge range and as I and hubby are thinking about doing the bathroom up this year I thought
I would have a little nose at what we might get and I came across their Slimline Digital Electric Radiator. Now, I normally don’t get excited about things like this but I actually really love this rad, it even has an anti-frost mode to stop temperatures falling below 5 degrees (which I am pretty sure my bathroom does at times).

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